In this main interface you can access all the encryption decryption / Coding / Decoding Capacity of Cryptix and the main unix tools. If you can't find something, look in the "Tools" menu up on the top of the screen as some tools do not have icons yet. There is also the possibiliy to record text to voices.

When you click Tools it switch the ciphers to tools. There is four sections : Checksum, Network, Unix and security. You can locate a file on your hard disk or find a command. Type the name you seek on the field and click. Same thing for the whereis... You can also Save the locate result or print it. The manual permits you to easily find the more common unix manual entries. You can save them as plain text or print them. Type the name of the command you want to find and the manual page appears in the main field. Then click save to save it as a text file or click print to save it as a pdf or to fax it or even print it. You can search for logs, use a shell or get info about your computer. The interface has been improved since the last release.

Note : Since version 0.77, you can choose your ciphers from the section at the bottom of the main interface

Encrypt : Encrypt your text.
Decrypt : Decrypt your text.

Save : Save the actual output.
Print : Print the encrypted text of the main window.
Mail : Send encrypted text to someone.
Clipboard : Copy to your clipboard.
Clear All : Clear All passwords, user and text created by cryptix.

OpenSSL : Access to OpenSSL.
Tools : Activate or deactivate Tools.
Unlock : Make all the passwords fields visible (Need Admin Right).

Speech : Talk the current field.
Record : Record the current field to a speech.
Preferences : Access to Preferences.