Ciphers : Encrypt / Decrypt with password :

The technique used by " Aes 128 to 256" , "Ano", Twofish" and "ukno" can encrypt a message you want to send for privacy. You can hide your password. Create a new password then paste your text in the field and click Encrypt...

Examples with password or key "Password":

For Aes "Hello world" becomes nVbzKJBJA9khQTYGwq++vFhYWFhYWFhYWFg=
For Ano "Hello world" becomes oyIEUer9L3QNaTw=
For blowfish447 bits "Hello world" becomes B638E017092E8D2CC336B16E5092D87B
For MD5C "Hello world" becomes 3E25C3B10A79E282ACE28886C3B5674CE28098C38F67C39F2C62
For Cesar "Hello world" becomes Ifmmp xpsme with "A" as scramble
For RC4 "Hello world" becomes w7F9w4Itw4MXKlXCr2p6
For Rot13 "Hello world" becomes Uryyb jbeyq
For Serpent "Hello world" becomes jQrHde2a3YcX9x1KtSIcTlhYWFhYWFhYWFg=
For Two Fish "Hello world" becomes +jQGbDOwntZ7USYPVggYQ1hYWFhYWFhYWFg=
For Ukno "Hello world" becomes TTApKSZ1HiYjKTE=
For Vigenere "Hello world" becomes Weddk kfuad

Filetypes :

Note for blowfish : This strong military encryption use two parts "user" and "password" and create a key hex The first to do is to create an user and a password. So in the field user type your user, type the password in the center box. Then create the key. An hex key is created in the right field Then you can you can cipher your text or past it. This part is still in heavy beta test too...