Worktime : Worktime main interface.

Main interface.

The toolbar

Open, to import logs into Worktime in XML or CSV format. Worktime will import lists of activities in XML or CSV format.
Save, to save the log or activities in XML, CSV and HTML.
Clear, to clean the logs, activities and preferences.


To start an activity, click the green button.
To stop an activity, click on the red button.
In order to pause an activity, click the "II" button.


Logs : section of logs and time.
Activities : all activities defined in Worktime.
Preferences : all options to configure Worktime.
"-" : To focus on a specific activity and launch time.


Start : The beginning of an activity.
End : The end of an activity.
Time elapsed : The time required for an activity.
Activities : The name of the activity or project. This name can be changed.
Pricing : The pricing calculated for the activity panel.

Activity Selector

The activity selector allows to move from one activity to another. Use the activity selector to switch to a new activity. The activity selector is linked to the activities section.